DAX Series The COUNT Function

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woman in black long sleeve shirt

The COUNT Function

The COUNT function in the DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language plays a crucial role in data analysis with Power BI and similar tools. This function allows you to count rows in a specific column, which is essential for performing data calculations and summaries. In this article, we will explore in detail how the COUNT function works in DAX, its syntax, its proper usage, and practical examples.

Let us understand how it works - Syntax

The basic syntax of the COUNT function is as follows:
Column: The only allowed argument is a column containing the values to be counted.
Returned Value: The COUNT function returns an integer representing the number of rows in the specified column that contain non-blank values.

By Vicente Antonio Juan Magallanes -

25ft August 2023 - fp20 analytics

Practical Example

Let's suppose we have a data table containing sales information, and we want to count how many customers we have using the IDs recorded in the "customer_id" column. Using the COUNT function in DAX, the calculation would look like this.


The COUNT function in DAX is a powerful tool for counting rows in a specific column in Power BI. By understanding its syntax and limitations, you can perform more effective data analysis and glean valuable insights from your datasets. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that this function excludes blank and boolean values, so you should choose the appropriate function based on your specific needs. Start counting and analyzing your data effectively with the COUNT function in DAX!