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We are passionate about assisting new data analysts in practising their skills, sharing their work, and creating impressive portfolios, all while having fun. Join our Data Games community group on LinkedIn to connect with like-minded individuals and enhance your journey in data analysis.

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Game On: Why data analysis challenges rock

Dive into data games to level up your skills, flaunt your talents, and connect with a cool community of data enthusiasts

Improve Skills

Engage in our data games to sharpen your skills with hands-on challenges and gain valuable insights from real-world scenarios.


Share your achievements and projects in our LinkedIn community group, build your network, and enhance your presence.

Portfolio Building

Showcase your work and projects from data challenges to create an impressive portfolio that highlights your data analysis capabilities.


Have fun while participating in data challenges that offer a mix of learning, collaboration, and friendly competition.

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I am fascinated by these challenges, you learn a lot trying to present a good work.

Ariel Saldivar
Grupo La Nacion

Thank you for providing this opportunity. It allowes me to put in practice what I learn.

Ananya Dutta
Data Analyst

When you decide to participate in challenges like those of FP20, you win from the start. You gain experience, make new contacts, acquire knowledge, and grow your portfolio.

Geiner Alberto Mejia
Data Analyst

Thank you very much for organising this platform to enhance our data visualization skills.

Sezhiyan Selvaraj
Data Analyst

Thank you! It is an honour to participate in this challenges. A great way to learn.

Diego Bouzada
Data Analyst

I enjoy being a participant of the fp20 data challenges so much, it's a great opportunity for improvement. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Anna Andrzejewska
Data Analyst
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Shared efforts, achieving greater success.
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