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Time to spill the beans on the real deal about insights and metrics. So, picture this – you're in the data jungle, trying to make sense of all the numbers coming your way.

Metrics are like the friendly critters you see all the time – easy to spot and pretty straightforward. They're like the common birds you see at the park – pigeons, ducks, and all that jazz

The Insights

But insights? Oh, they're the elusive, rare creatures that everyone talks about but hardly ever sees. They're like the majestic, mythical beasts of the data world – think unicorns or dragons.

You hear about them in legends, but stumbling upon one? That's a whole different story

What’s the difference?

We tend to throw the word "insight" around like confetti. Every time we notice a little blip in the data, we're quick to label it as an insight. "Hey, we sold five more coffees today than yesterday – that's an insight, right?" Well, not so fast, my friend.

That's just a metric – a tiny fluctuation in the grand scheme of things.

By Federico Pastor - 1st August 2023 - fp20 analytics

So, Insights are?

True insights, though, are the rare gems that make your jaw drop. They're the unexpected connections, the gamechangers, the "Eureka!" moments that can transform your business.

Like finding out that most of your coffee-loving customers are also avid readers who enjoy spending time in cozy bookstores. Now that's a golden insight! It could lead you to create a book corner in your coffee shop to attract more of these bookworms

Conclusion - The thing is!

So, let's keep it real – most of the time, what we call "insights" are just regular metrics in disguise. And that's fine! Metrics are still super important because they give you the foundation to hunt for those elusive insights. Just remember, when you do stumble upon a true insight, cherish it, celebrate it, and use it to fuel your business growth.

Because in the wild world of data, genuine insights are the magical creatures that can take your coffee shop on an extraordinary adventure!